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Scenes Around
The BuckSnort
Disc Golf Course

9 Dec. 2012 - It has snowed and the rocks above Basket #1 were covered but it is melting. The melting snow flows into the shade of the trees and cools, forming icycles. The icycles drip onto the cold, metal basket and form new icycles.

It's tough to get the disc in the basket with frozen chains and icycles in the way.

Shelter near #6 Basket. Note the yellow arrow pointing the direction to the #7 T-box.

Interior of shelter near #6 Basket.

Panaramic view with #8 T-box just to the right of center. Click image to see the fullsize (6.2MB It may take a while to load.) picture. At the upper edge of the rock, just above the right front corner of the T-box is a red oval outlining the location of the #8 Basket.

Panaramic view with #7 Basket in the center.

#5 T-box has a natural bench.

Maybe this side view of #5 Basket will tell you why it is called the Throne.

The view from the #6 Basket.

#12 Basket through the doorway. The basket is in a roofless building with window openings on 3 sides and the above doorway on the fourth side. If a shot is not available through a window or doorway then you can always go over the top.

Panarama from #16 T-box. On the left looking east toward Hi-View Disc Golf Course. Near the right (looking south) is the town of Pine Grove down in the valley.

Another panaramic view from #16 T-box. This time the town of Pine Grove is on the left and the #16 T-box (ooking west) is on the right.

Cactus flowers can be found all over the course when the season is correct. These pincushion flowers are generally no more than an inch across.

Be careful not to step on these or any other wildflowers or cactus.