It is with a glad heart that I'm able to announce that the BuckSnort Disc Golf Course is alive and well.

Playing the course is by invitation only.

For more information call Lowell @ 303-838-1201.

This Obituary is Obsolete

The Resurrection is Complete

It is with a heavy heart that we announce the death of an icon in disc golf.

Buck Snort,  born 31 May 2013,  died 4 May 2018.

Cause of death: a fatal shot (complaint) that struck Buck in the  heart.

Funeral arrangements have not been made as we are hoping for a miracle resurrection.

Buck had a personalty that attracted people far and wide.  Scenic, challenging, unique, fun, friendly but firm.  Almost everyone liked Buck because he was so quick to give a smile and encouragement.  However, Buck was very firm.  If you crossed Buck you were in for a rude awakening, you could get Snorted.   Buck will be missed by his entire community.

It might help if people send an eSympathy card send to
It may help with the resurrection.